Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have decided not to write any more of the story. It would have been rated adult for language and situations but no slash. Still, it just makes me uncomfortable. Even with my own characters, I'd be basing them on real people and I feel like I would be trespassing on peoples privacy. It makes me too uncomfortable, I can't do it. I have friends who write RPS ( I believe that is real people stories) slash. I could maybe do a PG but slash? No, no, no, never and I love slash. Well done slash are some of the best love stories you will ever read, but it is homerotic and some people have a problem with that. I found if you have fictional characters, it can actually make them more appealing. Example, The A Team. You're writing about two established characters and just taking it a step further, instead of trying to introduce a new female character. I once wrote a story where Hannibal and BA had a thing going on. A friend of mine was begging for Hannibal/BA slah and another said it couldn't be done. I wrote it because of the challenge in the pairing. In it, BA dominated, Hannibal was submissive, because he found it enticing to NOT be in control, to not have to think about consequences, to just do. It wasn't s/m or master/slave, it was just BA giving orders and Hannibal obeying. I think I had BA make hime wear some pink silky underwear and then demand to see it while he was driving. One thing led to another and BA crashed the van. The whole story took place in the waiting room at the ER. It may sound far fetched but it worked. I read a really great slash story from Babylon 5 that had Sheriden and Garibaldi in an S/m role. I was always a huge Garibaldi fan and no way could I see such a relationship, especially since this was graphic with discipline. But she made it work by finding it wasn't that Garibaldi wanted discipline, it was that he was suicidal. The story was the size of a long full length novel, must have been about 400 pages. Good slash is wonderful reading, bad slash is awful. I'm not into any fandoms at the moment. I got tired of the cliques and petty politics, and one site that actually encouraged awful writing. My favorite slash was always Murdock/Face and Garibaldi/Sinclair. I did some slash from Shanghai Noon as well. Starsky and Hutch has some good slash too and Man from Uncle. The word slash comes from Star Trek that pretty much created fan fiction when the show was cancelled and people still needed a fix. Kirk/Spock began /slash. And it's still out there today being written as we post.

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