Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's 49 degrees and freezing, brrr. I am off to the gym and have my trusty kodak eazy share camera with me. I am not sure about a photo of me, as I appear to have some new wrinkles under my eyes. I hate wrinkles and how devilishly sneaky and sly they are. One day your face looks great and the next day these lines are there that came overnight, out of the blue, no warning and they don't friggin go away. We won't discuss the color of my hair except to say my husband has been bitching there's too much white. Please bear in mind he is scheduled for cataract surgery next month and I think he should be labeled legally blind. Certainly color blind at the very least. I have some grey hair, ok, a lot of grey hair, but I do not have white hair. Let's hope the gym isn't crowded with young people.

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