Thursday, December 11, 2008

no pix today, it's raining like hell outside with a tornado warning till noon. A cold fronts coming thru as well as a line of storms off the gulf. The temp as already dropped to 64 and its headed for 41 by tomorrow night. Brrrr. I went to the doctor, what a waste. I saw the PA because, I don't know why, I'm a jerk I guess. I could have seen the Dr. but I said it didn't matter. I forgot Fitz always writes me note saying no co pay for ptinr, she doesn't. She tried to tell me if I took a daily multi vitamin my blood levels would magically surge to the levels they're supposed to be. She increased my coumadin to 7.5 which will surely be too high in a week, way too high. I tried to point this out, but she wasn't listening. She did nothing but irritate me. I'll take the 7.5, but they're all wrong! I think it should be maybe every other day, 5mg and then 7.5 but i didn't go to medical school and since my blood specialist wanted 7.5 I'm not going to argue. This time. I've been thinking of a new story set in Dutch. I am not into RPS although Deadliest Catch is very tempting. Still, it's just as easy, easier really, to create your own characters and base them on someone else. Almost all characters are blends of real people or traits that you have known. My bar names won't be a waste then as I can set the bar as the central backdrop for the story. Then we can be as smutty as we like w/out offending. Now then, I must decide what the bars name is and who owns it and who runs it and who frequents it. This could be very amusing.

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