Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday morning

I shouldn't be tired, hell, I just had an iron transfusion, yet I came home from work exhausted. Then I completely forgot to take my meds, both morning and evening, but that shouldn't make me tired. True, I did work 7 1/2 hrs which is kind of a lot for me lately, but still... I slept from 9:30 pm thru 7:00 am in the recliner with my dog. Trixie must have been tired too because neither one of us even got up to pee. No news from my son and no news from him is good news. I need to remember to get gas today. I wonder what the price will be. The last time I checked it was$1.68 a gallon. I like that! I sure did enjoy Dutch Harbor Dirt's invitation to brunch. His photos are so inviting not to mention mouthwatering. Reluctantly, I must pass. My husband just woke up and is grilling me on why I slept so long. Let me go and sooth the savage beast.

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