Monday, December 8, 2008

Weather warming up

Yesterday was really cold, down into the 50's. I've been in Florida 7 years and I now find anything below 80 uncomfortable, definitely sweather weather. Below 70 requires a jacket, when it hits the fifties it's time to bring out the coat. On occasion it drops even lower, and when it dips into the 30's and 40's that's when I start looking for a parka, gloves and warm knit ski caps. The great thing is it only cools down when a cold front comes thru and they're all stretched out like a rubber band to get here so they just bounce back up north after only a few hours or days at the most. I forgot to get gas today so that is a must do for tomorrow, I can hit the station by my lab when I go for my weekly blood work. I want to get a CM shirt but I think it must wait till January or even Feb. Hopefully by then I will be able to increase my hours. I caught the last 4 minutes of the Steeler game yesterday. OMG, it was GREAT! I hate Dallas, so coming from behind was wonderful but whipping their particular ass was even better. It just made this victory oh so sweet.

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