Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am off today, tomorrow and Friday but have to work the weekend. Yesterday I had chest pain for the first time in weeks. I had to take 2 nitros. Blah. But I made it thru my shift so I didnt lose any time. Today I had a very busy day. I met with my trainer at 9am. It was a good session. I like the leg press but I hate step ups. Then I went to the library, reported my card lost and picked up the new Lee Child book I had on hold. Then I went to the lab and had blood drawn. Next, on to the card store to buy cards for my hubby's sisters and a good friend. Then the post office, not my favorite place this time of year. Then home to pick up my hubby and go grocery shopping. Then I took my dog Trixie to the dog park and she had a wondeful time. Her very best friend is a Pomeranian puppy about 5mos old. They play together like two kids. If one picks up a stick and starts to gnaw on it , the other is gnawing on the other end, trying to tug it away and they're both racing around. Watching them play is very restful and makes me happy. Unfortunately for Trix, Charles got little Puff as a Christmas present for his grandaughter. He has housebroken and trained her and now he is taking her to St Louis on Saturday. They will miss each other. Tomorrow I must write Christmas cards. Now, I think I will nap.

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