Monday, December 15, 2008

I had cream of buckwheat for breakfast. I found it in a health food store amd omg is it good. If you like hot cereal, try it. It has a gritty texture and a sweet nutty taste, mmmm. Steelers won last night, Yay! It's warm again, double yay. Heard from my son, he was all calmed down thinks he will start recving unemployment cks in 2 weeks and disability cks in 3 wks. I think maybe the unemployment, but if he was approved today(and he hasnt been) no matter who the congressman is that's helping, it will be months before he sees a check. Call me cynical, but that's what I believe. He did ask for money, and if I had extra, I would probably have sent him some. But I don't, and the little I could send really won't help so he should just deal with it. Still haven't found my camera, drat. Bob, the old man won on Survivor. Gray Power, yay! Although I must confess, part of me admired Sugar's game and blunt honesty. Randy was a creep, and I bet he was all over her in the most unnicest of ways. He was an arrogant jerk who set himself up to be humiliated . I don't feel sorry for him.

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