Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's been a year now since I managed to clot every major vein in my right leg and I am still not well. The greatly diminished blood flow just seems to have exasperated everything else. I got copies of my hospital records for my four admissions in the last year and it was kind of eye opening. I didn't know the femoral and common femoral as well as the popiteal were completely blocked, the saphenous was clotted. I didn't know I have Diastolic heart failure, that there is proof of mild pulmonary hypertension, that when I was on a monitor I tripped the alarms regularly with t waves and going from braccardia to tachycardia. In the past year, I may have worked my sched twice. It's time to try for disability. I resigned on Friday. It was really hard. I have always worked and always done a lot of OT. To not be able to do 19.5 hrs a week is pretty sad. I think I knew I was in trouble when I pulled into the parking lot one day last week and immediately started having chest pain. So, anyway, my time with Macy's is over. I am using what little vacation I have left and the 15th is my last day.