Thursday, December 11, 2008

The name of my bar is The Last Chance saloon. Owned and operated by a retired madame . Staffed mostly with women, mostly ex hookers. Maintains policy of no guns no drugs and enforces it. Everything else goes, or comes as the case may be. Male bouncers at the door, one behind the bar. It's got the peeled log cabin look. Rustic and simple. Live bands every Saturday night, it's not just a bar, its the place to be, the place to make deals, as anyone could be there and the best business deals always go down better with a few drinks. Large outdoor deck. It's not classy like the Grand, there's brawls all the time, but it's not deadly either. Dangerous enough to be alluring but not a fatal attraction. No guns, no drugs. And it makes money - big time. I've got to get names and let the characters steep a while and then I think I can write a little something.

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