Saturday, December 6, 2008


Welcome to my blog. I am 58 and live in Clearwater, Fl. Unlike some people, who shall remain nameless, I love Florida. Not all of Florida, just the area where I live. I hate Miami, I hate Orlando, hell I'm not even fond of Naples. I don't find it particularly humid and after living up north (NY) all my life, I find the extraordinary amount of sunshine mind boggling. It makes a difference, it really does. I work in a call center and recently reduced my hours to part time for health reasons. I am prone to blood clots and spent a year on a really nasty medication called lovonox that you have to inject. (same as Capt Phil from Deadliest Catch) Like a smart ass, I quit taking it on my own and , naturally, developed more blood clots. Fortunately, I did avoid the pulmonary embolism I had the first go round with clots. Now I am on warfarin. I am married for 33 years and have one problem child son who just turned 28 and could definitely be a poster child for Planned Parenthood. Said problem child just called me 3x from a homeless shelter in Philly wanting $150. and threatening suicide if I don't come through. Five years ago, that would have worked, but now I just say no and hang up. He says he needs it because he met someone at the shelter he owes 150.00 to and they have left to get a gun. He may have met someone he owes money to, but if that were the truth, he needs to learn not to borrow what you can't hope to repay. It may also be a bald faced lie and he's looking for drug money. I have the phone off the hook, it's 2:20 am and I should probable try and get back to sleep.

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