Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's 62 and foggy, very foggy. The pea soup kind. I leave for work in an hr and have to work a full 7 1/2 hr shift today and tomorrow. I don't suppose there's any chance of it being slow and i could go home early, but I will sign up for it anyway. I find working a reglar shift very tough on my ankles; they swell, big time and since I work the same shift tomorrow, there's no time for recovery. Hopefully there will belots of people working overtime and they will pluck my name off to go home early list! I watched Les Stroud last night in Papua New Guinea. It was one of the very few times where he really looked beaten down, both physically and mentally. I found that surprising only because I have followed shows like The adventures of Mark and Ollie and other tribal shows( I'm not sure which ones were in new Guinea, but I know I saw some.) I think it's just the whole jungle thing, he got fungus on his feet, diarrhea and was very hungry. Nothing like seeing wild pigs race thru your camp when you can't even catch a rat to eat. But I like Les, I like his show and he's very easy on the eyes.

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