Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am irritated

no, hell, I'm pissed! I hate insurance companies. I hate them. I hate hospitals too. The hospital billed be appx 80k for an 11 day stay in April. I have 3 major insurances at that time. Cigna, Blue Cross and GHI. With all that insurance I just got a bill for 3700. Recently Blue cross denied a claim saying I had medicare. I don't - too young (I don't get to say that very often) Now that's been cleared up and they deny it because it isn't something they cover. GHI is pulling shit too. I send the paperwork they want showing current insurance status and they send a letter like it was never recvd, but I have confirmation they have it and that they have chged my status; they're just not paying any claims. My classic insurance tale is when I had Aetna, and went to the lab, a participating lab, mind you and recvd a bill for $800. I called them and said, like, uh, wtf? They asked me if I went the same day my dr wrote the script and I said no. Well, there you go, they replied , that is why. If you don't go the same day, we don't cover you. Which is clearly impossible as most blood tests require fasting and are Never done the same day requested. I had to get a mgr to fix that. But this aggravation, this unnecessary aggravation, it just makes you dread ever having to have to call them.

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