Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's cold

seriously cold, there was a hard frost this am. I hate the cold. The ramped up Ranexa is making me dizzy. Hopefully, it's a temporary side effect and will mostly vanish with time. I got the refill today at Walgreens. A thirty day supply after my co pay of 15.00, I saved $514.00. Hell. At this rate I'll be capped out before June. I can do $200.00 a month but not $500. The price of medicine is very discouraging. Right now, I don't have the physical endurance to work full time. I am easily fatigued and if I work longer hours the angina returns. I am covered by my husbands insurance. He is 70. If something happened to him, I would have no insurance. No prescription coverage. WTF would I do? Even if I applied for disability and was approved, medicare wouldnt kick in for a year. Now, I ask you, seriously, does that make any sense? The doctors all agree someone is medically disabled. They have a serious health condition. They are not working, but they must wait one year to apply for medicare health insurance. Does that make any kind of sense at all? Maybe they hope that after a year with no medical coverage, the list of people needing insurance will be a lot lower due to the number of people that surely must die without medical attention. I hate politics.

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