Thursday, January 8, 2009

getting old sucks

I found the owner of the trike and returned it to him. He was leaving for a cruise and said "Thank you" and left. I kinda wish he would have shaken my hand or something, sorta felt like a servant that did her job, no more no less. But, it doesn't matter. I'd do the same thing all over again in a heartbeat. I went to my hematologist, Dr Z today. We were both pretty shocked when my bloodwork showed my hemoglobin at 8.7 even lower than last month when I had 2 iron tranfusions. Like wtf?? So I have to go see my gastroenterologist Dr K. and I think he's hoping for a endoscopy and colenoscopy to rule out some type of internal bleeding. Dr Z also had a iron transfusion done today which messed up the office schedule a bit. To make matters worse, the 1st IV had problems and my arm started blowing up. The second one, after I left and was going down in the elevator, I felt something wet dripping down my hand. Yep, it was blood. Yuck. All over my wallet, the floor, disgusting. I went back and had it taken care of. Makes me think maybe my INR is high. Does it ever end? Getting old sucks. On the bright side, Gators tonight against Oklahoma. GO GATORS!!!!

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Jeannette said...

Hi, I was drawn in by your sweet name, but here I found sunshine in a bit of a funk. Health troubles are hard... I won't bore you with details, but a few years back I had iron transfusions and I found a liquid supplement that got me through some very hard times. It is expensive in the stores, a little cheaper at on-line places.
Flora Floradix Iron & Herbs. There is another geen bottle one, same company that I chose because it had no iodides. Anyway, I took it to my doc who approved it. If you go to vitacost (put ".com" after that & you'll be at their site) you could read all the ingredients and nutritional values and print it up and show it to your doc and see if it might help you. Best wishes to you.. BTW, 58 ain't that old...Hope you can keep on keeping on.