Sunday, January 4, 2009

what a difference a day makes or to stop a thief

Today I am feeling very positive. I worked all day without any chest pain, shortness of breath is remaining an issue, though. I don't understand, 2 weeks ago I had no sob and now, even a short walk raises my bp and heart rate to discomfort levels. But now, let me describe my exciting evening. There was nothing on tv as usual and I had nothing to read except the paper. I watched some DC I had tivo'd from last week and then decided to take the dog out and go to bed early. Usually, at night and since I have been having sob issues, I drive down to the dog park. Tonight I decided to walk up half a block and take the dog near the dumpster. We walking nice, minding our business but not doing any when a kid on a trike sails down my street hauling another trike! Adult 3 wheel bike theft is huge down here. It's not so much dangerous as very annoying. New trikes run about $400 and up. Really really old beat up ones are 75. I go after him and holler "hey" but he never stopped. I hightailed it back to my house and saw my neighbor out. "Bob- did you see that?" I yelled. Bob was on it, he'd already called 911. Bob is in his 70's has one leg and is a very ill man just home from the hospital, but he was on the job. I got in my car and decided to follow and see where he went. I live off a service rd that is one way so naturally he turned the direction I couldn't drive. But I drove around the long way and spotted him. I put down the window and confronted him. He had some sorry sack of shit story, his friend gave it to him. I said "Oh no - it's stolen. The cops know and they're on their way." He got off undid it and took off on the other trike. That's probably stolen too but half a loaf is better than none and the trike I saved is a Schwinn. I don't have a cell phone it was now 10:30 pm and I'm on a service rd with nothing open, not even the crack motel. So I parked my car by a closed pizza place and rode the trike home. Then I had to walk back. That was a challenge. It took me between 15-20 minutes to walk back appx 1 mile and I stopped so many times to catch my breath and let my heart rate slow a little. But, I made it. I stopped in the dog park where Trixie immediately did her business. And I can go to sleep knowing someone in my mobile home community is going to be very happy when they find their stolen bike was recovered. Yay for the good guys!

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