Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brrr - it's cold

and going to get colder. I didn't make it to the gym but I did see the cardiologist. He upped my ranexa and mentioned if my heart rate stays the way it's been I'm gonna need a pacemaker later in the year. Joy. However, I have woken up with a hr of 39 after walking around, visiting the bathroom, etc. and that doesn't thrill me either. When I was in the hospital recently and hooked up to telemetry it dropped down to 39 and set off all kinds of scary alarms. He also mentioned there is some new procedure they are doing on bad veins in the legs he may recommend a little later in the year. He wants my legs higher than my heart. My gasto guy wants my head and chest elevated. I have tried doing this with pillows and such but it really doesn't work. My ankles swell horribly from gravity. Now even the lasix on a triple dose is ineffective. I am going to ask about a hospital bed. My INR was LOW! It just makes me crazy. I took another lab today and I'm seeing my family Dr. manana. Let's see what he says. Then the week after next The Gasto guy, Dr K. My New Year's goal are to try and work more hours. I went from full time to 20 hours and I have been ok with that, but it's not paying the bills. I need to squeeze 8 - 10 more hours into my schedule that won't give me angina or make my feet and legs too swollen. I have very flexible hours at work and I'm thinking of trying a split shift. Four hours in the morning and 3 at night. But I need to try it before I commit to it. I could do it Mon Tues and Fri and then work 11-7 on Sunday. If I could handle that, and things got bad, I could always add one more day as a last resort. My concern is the price of the Ranexa. I'm up to 1000 mg BID, that's about $400. a month. I have 7 other medications and my husband has a few, the insurance cap is 3500. I won't make it. I haven't heard from my son, he must have fell into some money because he has never given up asking me for some. New Years goals - wasn't I speaking about that? So more hours, pay down the debt, and try and lose some more weight and keep going to the gym. There. Done. Finis.

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