Thursday, April 9, 2009

split personality?

I created this log and id to stay positive and upbeat. My other journal is called nightcrawler1 and isn't on blogger. Going back and forth on them is making me crazy!! But they are different and I am going to try harder to continue. My first happy news is I finally found my camera! Regretfully, I have nothing to post but I will. I was in the hospital for a week in March, admitted on St Paddy's Day for Gangrene! of all things. The IV antibiotics worked, I don't think it was gangrene, but mt toes all turned black and part of my lower legs. It was gross. Now I am happy to say I have 10 mostly pink, sometimes grey, little piggies. While in the hospital, I had an iron transfusion. My hemoglobin was 10.2. I had to see the hemotologist today, hemaglobin has dropped to 9.1 No wonder I have no energy. If I need another transfusion, I am seriiously going to have to consider changing doctors. I love Dr Z and I have stuck with him 3 years and the lovanox and everything but a bag of iron runs 1000. the whole transfusion thing 1500, my insurance pays about 200. I have had 5 transfusions since Nov, 2 while in the hospital. The hospital ones aren't a problem, my hospitalization covers them, but if I am going to need a tranfusion once a month, we got a problem. I am so very glad DC will be back next week. Finally, something to look forward to.

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